Research Repository

The qualitative data platform for insights-driven organizations

Single source of truth for all of your qualitative data
Spend less time managing and editing media files. We automate the heavy lifting of transcribing and preparing media files for analysis and tagging, so you can focus on generating meaningful insights.
Instantly generate research clips and highlights
No more time-consuming and burdensome video editing. Simply tag moments from recordings, and our platform generates clips in real-time.
Automatically index research projects
Submit your research plan, and we’ll index your recordings into questions, exercises, and themes so you can easily synthesize research findings without any manual effort.

Maximize the value and reach of your research

Easily search, browse, and discover insights
Our universal search makes recordings browsable in ways that were never before possible. Intuitively search across metadata, tags, transcripts, and notes to source insightful moments from research.
Make your research work secure and accessible
Tetra is the single source of truth for your user interviews and recordings, giving you a reliable research repository that is secure and intuitively accessible for all stakeholders in your organization.
Link insights directly to source data
Easily deep-link your insights directly to the research moments that inspired your findings. This takes ‘atomic nuggets’ to a whole new level by allowing granular access to your most valuable primary data.

Collaborate with your team in real-time

Create compelling customer stories
Seamlessly synthesize research findings into compelling customer narratives that are impactful and digestible for stakeholders. Share them through our platform or wherever your team collaborates.
Build shared understanding of customer needs
Unlock the potential of your team with intuitive collaboration and sharing features. Put real customer interactions in context directly in front of decision-makers.
Make qualitative data as accessible as quantitative
Our platform adds structure to your research--including demographic metadata, tags, and freeform annotations--allowing comprehensive and intuitive access across your organization.
Free report

Customer insight trends and benchmarks 2020

Based on surveys and interviews from more than 200 product professionals, this report provides valuable insight into how leading organizations generate customer understanding to fuel decision-making.

Direct customer insights at scale

Our platform has features for individual researchers as well as data-driven enterprises.

Automated transcription

Powered by AI and human intervention, we provide 99% accurate transcripts.

Simple tagging and coding

Our media player combines video, audio, and transcripts allowing seamless analysis.

Research repository

Secure and reliable single source of truth for all of your customer interviews and recordings.

Security & data privacy

Your data is encrypted and protected by TLS, and our AWS infrastructure uses best-in-class security features.

Customer success support

We offer enterprise-grade customer support to ensure your organization is maximizing the value of our software.

Team management

Manage specific roles and access for researchers and collaborators.

Unlock the value of your user research

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