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Tetra is the leading qualitative research platform for moderated interview analysis, reporting, and organization-wide access.

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Fragmented Research Teams

Get Your Teams on the Same Page

Scattered processes. Siloed data. Redundant work.

Growing UX, CX and research teams are consumed by operational logistics like participant sourcing, tool configuration, and organizing data. Even the most successful insight practices in the world have experienced the drudgery that comes from scaling research work.

  • Researchers buried in redundant administrative tasks.

  • Valuable insights locked in platforms or lost on shared drives.

  • Scattered global teams unable to collaborate and share qualitative data.

Enable Better Insights

Research Operations, Solved.

Insights-driven organizations rely on Tetra Insights to handle 100% of their logistics and research operations. Our platform sets the new standard for qualitative data analysis, with features that are intuitive, powerful, and flexible enough for any use case.

  • Make qualitative data as accessible as quantitative.

  • Seamlessly integrate with existing workflows and tools.

  • Drive down the cost and time of executing research by 90%.

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