Get your team synched on strategy

Our proprietary 4-week research process accomplishes three fundamental goals:

  1. Gets your team on the same page based on shared customer understanding
  2. Defines your most valuable customers
  3. Identifies the most resonant pain points, value propositions, and benefits from the perspective of your customer

We focus on rigorous methodology and linking all insights to the source data and analysis

Our research has been vetted across hundreds of research exercises for leading organizations.

In Week 1, we kickstart a customer insight initiative to create shared understanding and get your team on the same page.

In Weeks 2-4, we iterate on our research to get more profound and contextualized insights. We also help your team embed an ongoing research capacity in an efficient and easy-to-execute way.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Target the “right” customers for research

As your company grows, it becomes less and less obvious where to focus time and resources. This is where target customer research can really help. Using our proprietary formulas for identifying your most growable/profitable set of customers, we work with you to quickly generate the list to interview.

Step 2: Schedule 20-40 recorded customer interviews

The customers we target are eager to give you feedback and tell the story of why they bought, why they stick around, and the journey they had to go through to get to that point. Using our quick scheduling techniques, we set up between 20-40 video interviews in the first 24 hours.

Step 3: We create the research plan and complete the interviews

Using techniques we’ve developed after conducting more than 6,000 interviews, we help customers paint a rich picture of why they chose you, why they stay, and, most important to your product team, what they had to go through to get to their valued outcome. You and your team can watch the interviews in real-time and make annotations, ask questions.

Step 4: Insights & Action Plan

Working strategically with your team, we present clear findings and an associated action plan for next steps. All raw data is intuitively organized in the Tetra platform where you can watch the interviews, collaborate on analysis, read the transcripts, study and make additional annotations, and even produce curated highlight reels designed to focus the team on high-impact discoveries. Our work with dozens of fast-growing SaaS companies proves that nothing unites a team faster than studying the target customer together.

Research Team Leader

Richard Tripp
Richard is an experienced SaaS executive and inventor of The POV Method. This proprietary target customer research/innovation technique has focused product development and marketing initiatives at leading global software companies and startups, including Intuit, Infusionsoft, Symantec, Freshbooks, and MX.

For more than 15 years, Richard has developed and honed these processes, having helped dozens of teams to unite on target customer strategies. At Tetra Insights, Richard leads the implementation of his methods for our clients.



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