While conducting user research remotely is not new, it has become the norm amid the COVID-19 pandemic. At Tetra Insights, we’ve always been advocates of a remote-first research strategy and are here to share our best practices with a free ebook: The Definitive Guide to Remote User Research. 

In this guide, you’ll learn how to capitalize on the advantages of remote research, for example, tapping into a more diverse pool of participants. You’ll also learn how to avoid the pitfalls of conducting research remotely, including how to overcome the challenge of creating trust and personal connection with participants. 

We’ll show you how to build a lean-yet-powerful remote tech stack for the three main phases of research: strategy and planning, research execution, and analysis and sharing. Most of the tools we recommend are free (such as Tetra Insights) or very affordable. We’ll also share our best tips on recruiting participants and on how to effectively conduct remote research sessions. 

If you’re a user researcher and want to up-level your remote research practices, you don’t want to miss this free guide!