Who uses Tetra Insights?

Researchers, designers, analysts, and product managers are the primary uses of our software. However, anyone who needs to annotate, tag, or easily create video clips from audio, video, and transcripts finds our software useful.

What are the main features of the Tetra Insights software?

  • – Transcription (automated and human-corrected)
  • – Intuitive tagging and coding of video, audio, and transcripts
  • – Automatic creation of video clips and highlights based on tags
  • – Easy sharing and collaboration
  • – Full management and hosting of all customer recordings

How long will I have access to the files I upload in Tetra?

Your files will always be available for you to analyze, collaborate, and share once it is uploaded to your account.

Do you offer services in addition to your product?

Yes, we provide various research services for our clients including: panel recruitment & management, research plan development, research session hosting, tagging and indexing of research content, and research analysis.

We work with companies from startups to Fortune 500s with our research and software offerings. If you’re interested in learning more, please schedule a demo.

How much does Tetra Insights cost?

It is free to get started for the first 60 minutes of uploaded content. It’s then 10 cents per minute to upload audio and video after that. You can upgrade to Premium for additional features and lower rates per upload. For more information, visit the pricing page.

Where did the idea for the software come from?

Our team has completed 100s of research projects for some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world. In doing our research work, we needed a way to easily tag and annotate user interviews and seamlessly compile video clips and highlight reels. Tetra was designed to solve the problems we ran into trying to build engaging and influential research deliverables directly from video and audio content.

We built this software to solve our own research pain points, and we hope you find our solution valuable in your work analyzing and sharing audiovisual data.

Other questions?

Please contact us or schedule a demo!

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