I’ve spent the past 15 years partnering with renowned brands to develop excellent customer experiences across the physical and digital worlds. Without a doubt, the most significant and consistent driver of success is high-quality research that facilitates decision-making informed by empathy. And yet, it seems that researchers have never been more challenged to do exactly that.

From the emergence of agile development to the endless proliferation of tools to the pandemic’s unprecedented impact on consumer behaviors and preferences, researchers are expected to accomplish the impossible in no time.

If you’re reading this report, you’ve probably come across the term Research Operations and are curious if it’s something your organization should be investing in to address these challenges. I don’t believe in silver bullets, but as a researcher, I can tell you with confidence that this report can help you move the needle in a meaningful way.

Based on our own experience and survey of 100+ corporate research teams, we’ll introduce and explain the trends and techniques that form the foundation of Research Operations. We’ll also offer you a self-assessment to better understand the maturity of your team and organization, with recommendations for how to level up.

Michael Bamberger
CEO & Founder, Tetra Insights