Here’s what people are saying about Tetra Insights:

Jesse W


Tetra Insights is beautifully designed, a pleasure to use, and loaded with intuitive features. The transcription of zoom meetings with words and tags linked to video and speakers is seamless, making it a breeze to find any moment in an interview.

Ranièle JLane

Sr. Consultant,

I have been using Tetra Insights for about two years. Tetra helps me keep all of my project information in one place and share it with team members. From the research design, interview recordings, notes, stimuli, and's all there for future reference.

David H

Senior Staff UX Designer

Live Notes is incredible for allowing 2-person interviews (1 moderator, 1 scribe), where all notes and annotations are stored in one place.

Here’s How I Used Tetra Insights to Evaluate Amazon’s ‘Your Lists’ Feature

Generating Tags

Consistency is key when analyzing across participants, so building a Tag Library was useful to have as a reference. 

For each research question or task in the script of my discussion guide, I generated an associated tag.

Assigning Metadata Tags

Knowing that later on, after analysis, I may want to view all the highlights and annotations of a single participant collectively, I assigned a metadata tag to each participant: #Jared#Chris, and #Paul.

This allowed me to easily isolate all the annotations and associated highlight reels of a participant during the synthesis step. 

Analyzing with Annotations

Using my Tag Library, I created annotations using the appropriate tag(s) along with notes on observed actions, participants’ responses, and other key information that addresses our research questions. Sticking to the notion that consistency is key in analysis, all discussion guide-based tags were used for each participant. This allows for a simple comparison between participants for each question or task in the synthesis step.

Synthesizing My Project

To quickly and effectively generate insights across all interviews, I used the synthesis page, which combines all tags and annotations for every interview within the project. This one-page view allowed me to navigate all feedback and more easily identify patterns and themes for a given task or a response to a question. Additionally, by selecting multiple tags I was able to generate more specific insights.

Exploring with Universal Search

For exploratory purposes, I wanted to collectively see how the participants interacted with the dropdown buttons on the interface. Since I did not generate a dropdown button-related tag, I used Tetra’s universal search feature to generate insights surrounding dropdown button usage. By using the search term “dropdown,” I was shown 13 results that included every instance that a “dropdown” was mentioned in the annotations and scripts across my entire project.

Sharing Highlight Reels

When I finished generating valuable insights through the synthesis page, I was ready to share the clip reels with my teammates and with you by selecting ‘Share Screen’ and creating a public link.

For my own reference, I downloaded my highlight reels as mp4 files.