Step 1

Upload assets

Upload any audio or video recordings into the Tetra Insights platform. Add metadata and project information to add richness and context to your media assets.

Step 2

Prepare for analysis

Our software automatically prepares your media files for analysis by transcribing and indexing your recordings into questions, exercises, and themes based on what you provide.

Step 3

Analyze and collaborate

As a researcher, you can easily annotate and tag any moment from your recordings with our intuitive analysis interface. Tag your teammates to notify them of interesting findings to collaborate in real-time.

Step 4

Synthesize and report

Synthesize your data into findings and reports based on your tags and other analysis. Easily share or export video clips and highlights or build interactive customer stories to share with stakeholders.

Step 5

Search and discover

Research, tagged and structured, is now available across your organization. Enable anyone on your team to access it and build insightful customer stories and reports.

Direct customer insights at scale

Our platform has features for individual researchers as well as data-driven enterprises.

Automated transcription

Powered by AI and human intervention, we provide 99% accurate transcripts.

Simple tagging and coding

Our media player combines video, audio, and transcripts allowing seamless analysis.

Research repository

Secure and reliable single source of truth for all of your customer interviews and recordings.

Security & data privacy

Your data is encrypted and protected by TLS, and our AWS infrastructure uses best-in-class security features.

Enterprise support

We offer enterprise-grade customer support to ensure your organization is maximizing the value of our software.

Team management

Manage specific roles and access for researchers and collaborators.

Unlock the value of your user research

Getting started is quick and easy. Sign up for an account or request a demo to learn how your team can benefit from Tetra Insights.