Transform Your Research Studies into Insight and Impact

Tetra Insights makes it easy to turn your user research into valuable insights. Our platform is built for global research and design teams who depend on reliable, sharable insights.

Simplify the 5 Key Phases of Research and Insights Work. Enable excellence across the entire research lifecycle.

5 Key Phases of Research



Build the foundation for successful research projects informing cross-departmental strategies. Design your research and identify your objectives to scale organizational goals.

  • Create and track goals, hypotheses and objectives. 
  • Improve team collaboration during planning process.
  • Download and share plan documents inside or outside the platform.



Seamlessly execute research projects and user interviews with a robust feature stack designed to reduce your execution costs and improve insight delivery.

  • Automatically transcribe video or audio user interviews. 
  • Use Live Notes for real-time analysis & tagging.
  • Drive down the cost and time of executing research by 90%.



Bring your data together to generate powerful institutional insights. Tag, annotate, and collaborate around your audio and video content.

  • Instantly add insights directly linked to moments in time. 
  • Streamline analysis by integrating with existing workflows and tools.
  • Intuitively search across metadata, tags, transcripts, and notes to source insightful moments from research.



Turn analyzed data into easily sharable insights. Make the most of your data with reporting and deliverables generated in seconds.

  • Slice-and-dice raw user interviews into on-demand insight clips. 
  • Deliver quick, digestible customer insights for decision-makers.
  • Easily share research through our platform or wherever your team collaborates.


Insight Lifecycle

Valuable insights and business intelligence are secure, organized and easily sharable – making Tetra the preferred research repository for remote and distributed research teams.

  • Make all of your research secure and accessible from anywhere. 
  • Access and organize qualitative data as easily as quantitative.
  • Unlock the potential of your team with intuitive collaboration and sharing features.

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Tetra Insights is beautifully designed, a pleasure to use, and loaded with intuitive features. The transcription of zoom meetings with words and tags linked to video and speakers is seamless, making it a breeze to find any moment in an interview.


Sr. Consultant,

I have been using Tetra Insights for about two years. Tetra helps me keep all of my project information in one place and share it with team members. From the research design, interview recordings, notes, stimuli, and reports...it's all there for future reference.

David H

Senior Staff UX Designer

Live Notes is incredible for allowing 2-person interviews (1 moderator, 1 scribe), where all notes and annotations are stored in one place.