The Tetra Platform

The single platform for user research, conversational intelligence, and deep user insights.

"Tetra's platform results in better hypotheses, deeper insights, and more impactful interview results."
—Thomas Ferguson, UX Researcher, LexisNexis

Execute Rigorous Research

Complete end-to-end experience research on Tetra. Source participants, conduct interviews, analyze, and share, all in one place.

Advanced Moderated Interview Experience

AI-powered interview guide
Time-stamped live notetaking and tagging
Real-time transcription
AI-powered in-meeting feedback

Backroom Streaming Experience

Anyone can now join live sessions without actually being in the meeting. Audio, video, and a transcript stream in real-time, allowing for collaborative live analysis.

Scalable Templates

Build templates that can be reused across project types to ensure high quality standardization and compliance.

Integrated Participant Sourcing

Source any type of participant automatically. For a difficult to reach segment, we offer the most reliable custom sourcing available.

Manage Your Research Pipeline

Search through projects, define statuses, and group by custom metadata. This provides a holistic view of your research projects with the easy ability to dive in to see details.

Versatile Research Methods

Easily run moderated interviews, unmoderated user tests, diary studies, and surveys through Tetra. For enterprise customers, we even facilitate in-person research like focus groups and ethnographic studies.

The Conversational Intelligence Platform for User Insights

Automatically transform organic conversations into insights. With TetraBot, every call and meeting can be automatically recorded, tagged, analyzed, and summarized. Magically build a repository from real customer interactions across sales, customer success, technical support, and research.

Powerful AI Analysis

Tetra empowers users with the most powerful automated analysis features on the market. TetraBot automatically tags all of your research assets, utilizing a custom taxonomy that is meaningful and specific to your organization.

Automatically structure interviews by question and task using our AI-powered Interview Guides.

Assess the quality and reliability of a research conversation by seeing how well the research script is being followed.

Intuitive Repository

Tetra provides the most powerful, yet easiest-to-use, research repository. Our powerful metadata and filtering options enable simplified access directly to the data and insights you need.

Universal search provides instant access to any data of relevance.

Enterprise-Grade Security

The security of our client's data is our utmost priority. Tetra's platform runs on the most secure and reliable infrastructure available. We are ISO 27001 certified and on the path for formal SOC 2 compliance. All of our infrastructure is fully SOC 2 compliant. We have passed security reviews for dozens of leading global enterprises, including major cybersecurity firms.