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Research Assets
Research Assets are analyzable media files.
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TetraBot automatically analyzes, tags, and extracts insights.
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Platform Features

All Tetra plans include a full suite of research, analysis, and conversational intelligence tools

TetraBot Features
Automated Recording TetraBot automatically joins and records your Zoom, Teams, or Hangouts calls
Real-time Transcript An interactive real-time transcript is generated live during every session
Real-time Notes & Tagging Easily tag, highlight, and annotate live conversations
Streaming Backroom Experience The backroom provides a live stream and interactive transcript so anyone can join a session without being in the actual meeting room
AI Tagging TetraBot automatically processes your meetings to apply tags based on your taxonomy
AI Question Analysis TetraBot automatically searches for questions or prompts in your call script and tags and indexes them
AI Summaries TetraBot provides a comprehensive summary of each Sessions
Research Execution Methods
Moderated Interviews Schedule participants and conduct interviews using TetraBot tools
Unmoderated User Tests Invite participants to complete automated tests that are recorded and analyzed automatically by TetraBot
Diary Studies Collect multiple inputs of data from research participants (e.g. videos, interviews, and more)
Surveys Collect open-ended text responses
Analysis & Repository Tools
Tagging & Taxonomy Management Easily add tags to your research assets while watching or searching. Manage your tags with groups, definitions, and color codes.
Dynamic Synthesis Intuitively access analyzed data with browse and search tools. Edit or add to your analysis while synthesizing, and easily save collections of highlights into insights.
Video Clips & Highlight Reels Share video clips and export mp4s with the click of a button.
Universal Search Easily query your repository to search across metadata, tags, transcripts, and notes.
Templates Create unlimited flexible templates to define and standardize all of your projects types.
Manage your own database Source, screen, manage, schedule, and incentivize your own research participants
Tetra Marketplace Participants Request specific audiences through our Participant Marketplace provided by third party participant vendors
Tetra Proactive Sourcing Tetra proactively sources the highest quality, most reliable research participants that fit your specific criteria
Email Support Submit support tickets for help and training
Live Chat Text chat with a live Customer Support agent

Enterprise Plans

Significant discounts are available with increased minimum commitments and contract length.

Features Exclusive to Enterprise Customers

Customer Success Manager
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Custom Training
Maturity Assessment
Onboarding Specialist
Priority Support


What are 'Research Assets?'
Research Assets are files that can be analyzed in Tetra. This includes audio, video, and text. Research Assets can be uploaded or generated through Tetra's research tools (e.g. moderated interviews).

What does 'Repository Size' refer to?
The Repository Size is the limit on the total number of Research Assets available in your Tetra account. These files are available for analyzing, searching, and creating insights.

What is 'TetraBot'?
TetraBot is our platform's AI companion, responsible for automatically collecting data and providing analysis. TetraBot integrates with your calendar to record your meetings and to faciliate your research studies. It provides automated summaries, tagging, and analysis for all qualitative data it processes (i.e. audio, video, text).

What type of research can I complete on Tetra?
Moderated interviews, unmoderated user tests, diary studies, and surveys are enabled by default. We also support in-person research methods like focus groups and in-home studies.

Can I source participants for studies through Tetra?
Yes! You can create screeners on-demand for each study, or create predefined audiences for proactive sourcing.

Can Tetra automatically upload my calls/meetings?
Yes! TetraBot can automatically connect to calls you select from your calendar.

Who is Tetra for?
Tetra is for anyone who wants to turn their conversations and meetings into strategic insights. We are primarily used by product professionals (especially user experience designers, researchers, and product managers) to conduct, analyze and store all of their qualitative research.

We are also used by customer-facing professionals in sales, marketing, customer success, and strategy roles to automatically record and analyze organic conversations.