First 60-minutes of transcription are completely free.

Single Researcher

$0/mo +

$0.10/min transcription

  • Free 60 minutes of transcription
  • 10 collaborators
  • 1 project
  • $0.10/min automated transcripts
  • $1.50/min human-corrected transcripts


More powerful features with enhanced collaboration.

Per Researcher Pricing

$29/mo +

$0.08/min transcription

  • Free 120 minutes of transcription
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Unlimited projects
  • $0.08/min automated transcripts
  • $1.25/min human-corrected transcripts
  • Live Notes: Annotate and tag your sessions in real-time


Features and services designed for large teams and organizations.

Custom Pricing

Plans starting at $999/mo

  • Unlimited automated transcription
  • Unlimited team users
  • Unlimited storage and projects
  • Lowest rates for human transcription
  • Universal search and database features
  • Automated benchmarking tests
  • Advanced user management
  • Agency white labeling


How is the Basic plan different from Premium?
Premium provides access to additional features, along with unlimited collaborators, projects, and storage space. Premium accounts also have lower pricing rates for all transcription services.
What is Live Notes?
Live Notes allows you to annotate and tag live during a session. You can later upload the recording, and all your annotations and tags will be perfectly timestamped to correspond to the audio.
What is the difference between a Researcher and Collaborator?
Collaborators can annotate, tag, comment, and share highlight reels. Researchers can do everything a Collaborator can, but can also create projects, upload files, and export mp4 clip reels.
Can I export my data?
Yes, Premium and Enterprise customers can request to export your data at any time. This includes videos, transcripts, annotations, and tags. We will provide your data in a convenient format based on your requirements.
What features does the Premium plan include?
Premium users get access to our Live Notes feature for real-time annotations and tagging. Additionally, Premium users can export mp4s and can download a desktop app for large file uploads.
Is Tetra Insights in beta?
Yes, our current product is in beta. This simply means that our software is changing rapidly with updates to features and functionality being released frequently.
Do I have to enter billing information for the free account?
No, billing information is not required to sign up for an account and use your free 60 minutes of transcription.
Can I trust my data in Tetra Insights?
Security and data privacy are top priorities for us. We encrypt all data at rest and use TLS for all communication with the internet. Our AWS infrastructure includes best practices for security and privacy to suit enterprise standards.

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