The Centerpiece of Insights-Driven Organizations

Tetra is the full-lifecycle solution that enables excellence in research operations & insights delivery.

Qualitative Research Platform

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Unlimited free access to all features for your whole organization, with 3 free hours of audio/video uploads every month

Enterprise Plan

Upgrade to our end-to-end research and insight solution with enterprise-grade services

Conduct moderated interviews, unmoderated user tests, diary studies, and surveys

SSO and premium integrations

Dedicated customer success team

Research operations support

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The Centerpiece of Insights-Driven Organizations

Tetra is the full-lifecycle solution that enables excellence in research operations & insights delivery.

Qualitative Research Platform

Get Your Team on the Same Page with Actionable Insights

Scale Insights Across your Entire Organization.

UX Researchers

Build out institutional knowledge through accessible repositories. Remove organizational black- boxes by efficiently storing and sharing your insights.

  • Consolidate your analysis and synthesis processes in one place.

  • Derive and share actionable themes from “can’t-miss” moments in conversations.

  • Foster organizational visibility into your findings, across all levels.

Qualitative insights form the cornerstone to creating captivating user experiences. Develop world-class interaction built on user feedback.

  • Interact with engaged, high-quality participants.

  • Guide your design-work with readily accessible insights and qualitative data.

  • Feature the voice of the customer as your guiding light for all interactions.

UX/CX TeamsResearch forms the backbone of an effective product strategy. Take out the uncertainty surrounding your upcoming features and releases.

  • Easily find and leverage existing research to inform reliable roadmap decisions.

  • Confidently implement research that’s methodically rigorous and unbiased.

  • Effortlessly validate your hypotheses against user feedback.

UX/CX Teams

Elevate the effectiveness of your entire research and insights operation. Get the outcomes you need to build your practice and systems.

  • Demonstrate the value of your research throughout your organization.

  • Allow your team to regain control of their time and focus – no more logistics headaches.

  • Connect all your data sources into one centralized platform.

UX Leaders

Enterprise Insights Enablement

Tetra Insights Builds Better Research Teams

Our technology makes it easy to tell insightful, compelling stories from your qualitative data. We partner with global teams who rely on easily sharing information in a way that stakeholders will consume, understand, and, most importantly, make decisions from your insights.

If you’re part of a growing enterprise research team, let’s talk.


Source Participants at Scale

Custom Panel Sourcing

Our fully managed service includes 100% of all recruitment, compliance, scheduling, and incentive distribution required to run a research operation. We can source panelists for every type of audience, from broad demographic segments to niche segments.

  • Turnkey panel recruiting and sourcing

  • Management of audience database

  • Scheduling and incentives included

  • Secure and compliant panel solution

User Testing Customer Interview

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