About Tetra Insights

Tetra Insights is an early-stage software startup headquartered in Boulder, CO. We’re building software to maximize the value and reach of qualitative data. We help leading companies to better understand their customers and make data-driven decisions to positively impact their users. We offer a broad suite of research services to support our clients’ needs for high quality research and data.

We are a small team of 12 people (including engineers, designers, and researchers) with members of our team located all over the world. We’re looking to add a great Research Coordinator to our growing team to help with all of our research work as well as to make an impact throughout our business (preferably in Boulder but we’re open to remote for experienced candidates). 

Job Description

You will be an integral part of our research team, tasked with managing the logistics of our research work. Specific tasks will include:

  • Creating and managing advertisements for participant recruitment
  • Creating screener surveys and forms for applicants, and processing associated data
  • Completing phone screens for research applicants
  • Sending invitations (by email and phone) to participate in research
  • Coordinating scheduling between participants and researchers
  • Hosting and recording online interviews with tools like GoToMeeting and Zoom
  • Managing participant databases
  • Sending incentives to participants in surveys and research interviews
  • Creating and improving processes across our research operations
  • Supporting the research team in general


An ideal candidate will have a passion for organization and defining clear processes. You should be comfortable working with uncertainty and managing unexpected problems or issues. Experience with spreadsheets, data, surveys, and user research in general will be very beneficial to success in this role.

This could be a great role for a junior researcher or someone who is interested in becoming a user researcher, as well as anyone who wants to be instrumental to the growth and success of an early stage technology company.


Compensation is negotiable will depend on your experience and the mutually agreed upon scope of responsibilities. We may begin as a contractor relationship with the plan to move to a full-time hire once we ensure it is a good mutual fit. This could start as a part-time job and increase to full-time.

We are no longer accepting applications for this position. If you are interested in other positions, please email hi@tetrainsights.com.

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