Custom panel sourcing

Our fully managed service includes 100% of all recruitment, compliance, scheduling, and incentive distribution required to run a research operation. We can source panelists for every type of audience, from broad demographic segments to niche segments.

  • All recruiting and sourcing
  • Management of audience database
  • Scheduling and incentives included
  • Secure and compliant panel solution

Research sprints


Full test plan creation


Delivery of customer stories


Analysis and reporting


10 research participants


Decision mapping exercise


Moderation of user tests

Build research-driven processes

We can help your organization to inform decisions, or augment your already mature research processes to be more efficient and cost-effective.

Full-stack research services
  • Panel sourcing & management
  • Test plan creation
  • Interview moderation
  • Analysis and reporting
Fill-in-the-gap research services
  • Panel sourcing
  • Research repository management
  • Analyzing and reporting on research
  • Research session hosting and management
Automated tests
  • Competitive insights
  • UX benchmark testing
  • Dynamic NPS

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