I’m pleased to announce that Tetra Insights recently closed our first round of venture capital financing. This represents a major milestone of progress for our company and enables us to continue to build our vision for Tetra for years to come.

We are very fortunate to have found ideal lead investors, Active Capital, who will be adding their Founder & CEO, Pat Matthews, to our board of directors. The team at Active Capital are experienced B2B software company operators, having been executives at Rackspace for many years. Their perspectives as experienced entrepreneurs make them the perfect match for our team, and we’re thrilled to partner with them. 

What does this mean for our customers and users?

With this investment, we further our dedication to building innovative technology solutions for organizations that rely on customer insights. We work with businesses that consistently innovate, designing new products and services to effectively compete in an ever-changing market. For our users, this investment means that the value we provide will grow significantly over time.

We will create this value in two key areas:

1) Innovative new software features

Our software is already the enterprise standard for uploading, analyzing, and sharing insights from audio and video research assets. We will continue to develop our product with unique features that make previously impossible research and insight work seamless.

We will build integrations across our users’ product and innovation ecosystems, synching with a constellation of tools and data sources to instantly bring all relevant data into Tetra. We will also continue building workflow tools to capture more of the insight work, allowing users to plan and complete more of the research process within Tetra.

As we focus on the unique advantages of the Tetra platform, a key area is automation. We look forward to sharing truly magical features we have in the works that transform raw, unstructured audio and video into shareable insights. Artificial intelligence features will become an increasingly integral part of how Tetra works and provides value for our customers.

2) Enterprise customer support

Leading organizations around the world rely on Tetra to fuel their customer insights practices. In addition to our core qualitative data platform, we support our enterprise customers with research operations and technology implementation as well as with Tetra trained and certified researchers. 

Our goal is to be the only research partner our customers need, implementing all of the technology, processes, and enablement required for research excellence. No matter the maturity or experience an organization has with qualitative research and customer insights, we implement solutions that create immediate value. This investment will further our commitment to enterprise-quality customer support. 

What does this mean for our team?

We’re building a workplace where our team is engaged, thriving, and doing the best work of our lives. This financing allows us to invest more in our team, both by increasing the benefits of employment with Tetra, and by hiring exceptional people to join us.

We are looking to hire people who are passionate about what we’re building and want to make an impact. We are hiring across various positions and will be adding more roles over time. But more than anything, we want to hire the right people, regardless of the role. If you are interested in working with Tetra, please reach out to me directly

The future of Tetra

Despite the pandemic and difficult personal times for all of us, Tetra has been very fortunate as a business. Demand for customer insights and our qualitative data technology have grown in recent months, and we are beneficiaries of this change. It is a privilege to build this business. We know that our customers, employees, and many other stakeholders rely on us, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

We are committed to growing a world-class organization, developing innovative and valuable technology, delighting our customers, and building a workplace in which our team truly takes pride.

Thank you for your interest and support. I look forward to sharing many more exciting updates over the coming months.

— Michael Bamberger, Co-founder & CEO of Tetra Insights