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It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of our new company, Tetra Insights. We’ve assembled a world-class team, built a transformative and valuable product, and are now poised for the exciting next stages of growth and development.

Over the past decade, we’ve worked with companies of various sizes to help them understand their users and build excellent customer experiences. As these companies evolved to compete in a user-centric marketplace, our data and research work became centerpieces to defining their strategies and tactics, as well as assessing their effectiveness.

Through the hundreds of data and research projects we’ve worked on, a profound insight has emerged: real empathy is the key to great decisions.

The more thoroughly and clearly a decision-maker understands their users and customers, the more effectively they can design and implement experiences that consistently deliver value.

Organizations that focus on customer experience develop fans instead of customers. They have emotionally engaged employees who believe in what they’re doing. They focus on long-term value and opportunity. They are better able to navigate through turbulent times. They are more socially responsible. They develop empathetic leaders of tomorrow. And, ultimately, they financially outperform their competitors.

At Tetra Insights, we’re dedicated to empowering organizations to understand their customers so they can deliver the best experiences possible.

We believe that real customer interactions contain the most valuable information to inform user-centric decisions. There are many valuable sources of this information, including research interviews, screen recordings, and customer calls. Unfortunately, the value of this data is locked away in audio and video recordings, without an easy way to access the treasure trove of insights.

The sort of information these recordings capture is considered qualitative data — information that cannot easily be quantified, indexed, searched, or analyzed. Until now, to get value from qualitative data, companies have had to rely on painstaking manual processes that left a ton of insight and value completely untapped.

Our solutions empower organizations to unlock the value of their customer recordings in ways that were previously impossible, by solving the most complex issues around qualitative data. We’re not simply building software that automates and improves workflows; we’re completely transforming how leading organizations use and assess qualitative data.

User researchers are passionate, hardworking, empathetic influencers in their organizations.

Our core suite of products empowers these professionals to work more effectively and amplify the magnitude and reach of the insights they generate. By enabling them to work more effectively, we allow their organizations to realize the full value of the critical insights they generate.

We are a young company embarking on our journey. We have immense opportunity and a lot of hard work in front of us. On behalf of our entire team, we’re excited to have you follow our progress.

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