The Enterprise’s Guide to Buying & Deploying UX Research & Insights Platforms

Today, there are more tools than ever before to support the research function. In this guide, the editors of Agile Insider help you navigate the landscape in order to select the right solutions for your team and organizations.

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Our Report Addresses These Questions:

  • Industry trends for conducting research and scaling insights
  • Overview of necessary capabilities and technologies
  • Comparison of UX research technologies
  • Comparison of insight repository technologies
  • Recommendations based on organizational needs and maturity

Industry Trends

The pandemic upended industries and dramatically impacted consumer preferences and behaviors. While technology leaders have long recognized that consumer expectations are always increasing, the pace is now accelerating rapidly. Today’s executives demand that their organizations operate on faster iterations, using customer feedback to inform decisions. It’s a paradigm shift in culture, with research at the front and center.

 In the Guide to Leveling Up Research Operations, there is an outline of the critical capabilities for research teams to achieve excellence in today’s dynamic landscape. If you haven’t already done so, it is recommended that you first familiarize yourself with that report and the rubric below.

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