User researchers’ primary goal is to help business leaders better understand their customers and provide them with actionable insights to improve the company’s product or performance. However, as researchers well know, it can be difficult to get stakeholders on board with your recommendations—or to even pay attention to your findings. This is why the way you present your results is critical. 

In our last post, we discussed the science behind influential user research and presented strategies for making your research findings more compelling. Now, we’ll show you why an excellent written report, slide deck, or other static format is not nearly as effective as video, and in particular, video highlight reels. 

The Power of Video

Video, in general, is an incredibly effective method of communication. Our eyes are attracted to movement, and so people naturally will pay more attention to video than text. And video not only attracts our attention—it compels us to take action. We can see this in social-media research, which shows that video posts have more engagement than text-only posts by wide margins. For example, video posts on social channels generate 12 times the number of shares compared to text and image posts. And, brand videos drive more interaction than image-based ads, with 75% of Instagram users taking action after viewing a brand’s video

These statistics don’t just apply to funny cat videos, either. On LinkedIn, where most content is business-focused, video ad campaigns have an average view rate of 82%. Therefore, it’s logical that business leaders are more likely to be attracted to, engaged with, and act upon your user-research findings when you present them in video format. And over and over, that’s what we hear from our users, too. 

User Research Highlight Reels Stoke Empathy and Action

User research highlight reels are a powerful method of persuasion. They provide direct evidence of customers’ feedback in a way that text cannot. Extracting and compiling the most compelling clips from your research into one video helps hammer home your findings for the viewer. 

Rather than reading statistics and quotes from user research, video highlight reels bring stakeholders face-to-face with their customers. They are hearing their voices and seeing their facial expressions. This helps your stakeholders not just see, but feel how your users are reacting to your product or service. They can viscerally see issues from their customers’ perspective, which creates empathy for their users and incentivizes them to act on your findings. And when your recommendations help to improve your company’s product, service, or KPIs, leaders are more likely to value ongoing customer research and the value you bring to the business’s success. 

With the Tetra Insights platform, it’s simple to create highlight reels from your user research. There’s no need for prior video editing skills; you simply identify intriguing and engaging snippets of video, annotate them as needed with your insights, and stitch them together in any order you choose. 

To further illustrate how our highlight reels work, we’ll be posting a how-to and use case here soon. Subscribe to our blog to make sure you don’t miss it.