Automatically generate insights from all of your qualitative data with Tetra

Expert Research + Conversational Intelligence for the deepest and most actionable insights.

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"The amazing efforts of our UX staff, the scale at which it operates, and the speed with which we got there would have been impossible without Tetra."
— Jason Coleman, Head of Product Design, Trellix

All of your qualitative data in one place

Automatically capture real customer interactions and rigorous expert research for a true centralized insight repository.

Expert research scaled across your organization

Centralize and standardize your research processes to ensure the highest-quality research with custom templates, AI guidance, and expert support.

Generate reliable insights that meet rigorous enterprise standards, whether conducted by expert researchers or as part of democratized execution.

"Tetra’s platform results in better hypotheses, deeper insights, and more impactful interview results."
—Thomas Ferguson, UX Researcher, LexisNexis

Automate 100% of your research operations

Tetra handles the entire process to get high quality research participants into your studies, including sourcing, screening, scheduling, and incentivizing.

Whether you need to run Moderated Interviews, Unmoderated User Tests, Diary Studies, or Surveys, we’ve got you covered.

We even support the execution of in-person research, including Interviews, Focus Groups, and Ethnographic Studies.

"Tetra enables us to get faster feedback and validation to shorten our design time and results in more effective and rapid product evolution.”

A repository that actually works

Intuitive search, AI-surfaced insights & recommendations, and easily browsable data makes Tetra a dream for self-service access to existing data and insights.

"With Tetra, we conduct more intentional and thoughtful customer interviews, with real-time note-taking and transcription. Tagging and querying interviews makes them insightful and actionable for years afterward."

Clearly demonstrate the impact of your research work

"We have moved from bland abstract measures of quality and perfectly serviceable validation testing to insights that have a real impact on informing strategy and identifying opportunities."
"Tetra helps us get insights about our own products, our industry, and our competitors that would be very difficult, very expensive, or at times impossible without Tetra."
"The user insights our researchers can gather and present to stakeholders using Tetra informs decision-makers of the reality of the user experience and helps direct product development and design considerations – resulting in better quality products that are more readily adopted by our customers."

Find out why we’re loved by our customers

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"I can also sincerely say that I have never worked with a more dedicated and responsive customer support team."
"Tetra is revolutionizing research interviews for my team."

Our goal is ensuring you accomplish yours

Whether you are launching a new UX research practice, scaling an existing one, or looking to build new qualitative insight capabilities in your organization, our team at Tetra is committed to your success.

"Tetra is committed to ensuring our research operations are a success. Our customer success representative provides this by frequently communicating, responding quickly to our needs, and helping us plan for future research."

Tetra is different. Find out why.

Tetra is a unique end-to-end qualitative research, conversational intelligence, and customer insights platform.

Supercharge the quality, impact, value, and scale of your insight work with Tetra.